The Viking Lotto NZ

The Viking Lotto, which may be played both physically through respective authorised retailers and online, is a multi-national lottery run by Norsk Tipping. It is played across a range of Scandinavian countries, and these include Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, and Estonia. Citizens of these countries are reputed to be quite active lotto players, which increases the jackpot amounts significantly. Players in New Zealand can access all the information they might require on this lotto via

The Viking Lotto began with only five countries and was organised by their respective lottery organisations. These were Norsk Tipping in Norway, Veikhaus in Finland, Svenska Spel in Sweden, Danske Spil in Denmark, and Islensk Getspa in Iceland. Eesti Loto in Estonia later joined the Viking Lotto. Due to the combination of national lotteries, participating countries, and various languages, the Viking Lotto is also known by a few other names, such as Vikingalotto, Onsdags Lotto, Norsk Viking Lotto, and Vikinglotto.

Playing the Viking Lotto

Players can choose to play the Viking Lotto through authorised retailers, online, and, more recently, on their mobile devices. mobilelotto

Players will need to choose six numbers that lie between one and forty eight. They must then also choose a Bonus Number from the other forty two numbers, which will be used for second level prizes in all participating countries except Sweden and Estonia.

If players do not wish to select their own numbers, they can use the random number generator by simply clicking on the ‘Lucky Dip’ feature of the respective online concierge service. The numbers selected by the random number generator are completely random and not linked to previous results. Players will need to have Java enabled in order to select this feature.

Winning the Viking Lotto in New Zealand

The Viking Lotto draw takes place once a week, on Wednesdays, in Norsk Tipping in Norway. Results are broadcast on radio and television in all participating countries, but are also displayed online and can be accessed via mobile devices as well.

In order to win the Viking Lotto jackpot, the numbers players have selected must match the six numbers drawn for the lotto results. However, there are many other prizes available as well, and winnings will be made as soon as three of the numbers are matching.

If the Viking Lotto jackpot is not won, then the jackpot will roll over to the next game. This will continue until the jackpot is won, steadily increasing the possible winnings to reach enormous figures.

The winning numbers in the Viking Lotto are always random, and no method of choosing numbers to increase one’s odds can be used. Choosing to play with the random number generator offers the same odds of winning as when players choose their own numbers. The odds of winning the jackpot is quite high and is set at about 1:12 271 512, but the odds of matching three numbers is set at 1:53. There is no way of judging a possible win, and the only real way of increasing one’s odds is by playing more draws.

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