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The Powerball lotto game was first introduced in New Zealand in 2001 as an addition to the standard New Zealand Lotto. It became widely popular since and has steadily grown in size but, in contrast to other internationally independent Powerball draws, Powerball New Zealand can still only be played in conjunction with the main New Zealand Lotto.

Powerball New Zealand is run by the New Zealand Lotteries Commission (Lotto NZ), and the draw takes place once a week on Saturday evenings at eight o’clock in Wellington. All information on the Powerball New Zealand lotto games will be found right here and we endeavour to make winning big easy and fun.

Playing Lotto and Powerball New Zealand

There are various ways in which New Zealand residents can play Powerball New Zealand. They can purchase their play slips from a local authorised lottery retailer or they can also play online.

In playing the general New Zealand lotto, players must play at least four lines and can then select any six numbers between one and forty to play with. If they are playing with ten lines or more, then they can access the ‘Dip’ feature, which allows a random number generator to operate and choose numbers for the player.

Players can then also choose to play Powerball New Zealand for an additional fee and select a number between one and ten, but they have to choose at least four numbers to play.

The Lucky Numbers Draw

The draw of the winning lotto and Powerball numbers are taken from two different ball pools. The first ball pool contains balls with the numbers from one to forty. From this pool, the six main lotto numbers, as well as the Bonus Ball, are drawn. This will result in a total of seven numbers that form the result of the New Zealand lotto.

Then there is a second ball pool that contains balls with the numbers from one to ten. From this second pool, one single ball is drawn, which is the Powerball number. The six main numbers from the lotto draw and first ball pool, together with the one Powerball number, make up the Powerball New Zealand winning numbers.

The draw of the lotto and Powerball numbers will take place and is broadcasted live, and the results, together with the prize breakdown, will then be published online.

Winning Lotto and Powerball New Zealand

There are six different prize tiers in winning the New Zealand lotto and Powerball New Zealand.

If the jackpot is not won, then the Powerball New Zealand jackpot will roll over to the next draw. However, there is a set maximum jackpot of NZD $30 million. If the jackpot amount reaches this limit, a special ‘Must Be Won’ draw will take place. Here, even if there is no jackpot winner, the jackpot prize will be divided among winners in the next winning prize tier. This ensures that the jackpot is divided equally among winners and the limit of thirty million is adhered to.

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