Top Online Lotto Sites provides a list of all the best online sites to play New Zealand’s best lotto games. These sites are trusted and come highly recommended. All deposits, purchasing of tickets and claiming winning prizes can be done so safely and conveniently. These Online lotto sites offer superior customer service to New Zealand lotto players and provide all relevant information on New Zealand’s various lotto games. Players can read up on the history of New Zealand lotto’s, previous jackpots, laws and regulations and much more. These sites offer legitimate lotto games and Online lotto tickets with real chances to win incredible prizes.

Playing New Zealand’s Online Lotto Games

All the various Online lotto games are very easy to play and require little skill as the outcomes are based mainly on chance. It is however important to know the basics about how many numbers can be selected and what odds the bonus features can help increase the prizes by. provides all the necessary information on how to play and what is required to fall into a winning division.

Buying New Zealand Lotto Tickets Online

It is incredibly simple and convenient to buy Online lotto tickets as players can use any online device including mobile devices. This allows players to make purchases at any time no matter where they. Funds can be deposited into the player’s personal accounts at any of the sites recommended by With those funds players can purchase their lotto tickets at any time up until the specific draw closes. Entries usually close quite soon before the live draw takes place and the following draws tickets will begin selling shortly after. The exact times that the Online lotto ticket sales close and re open depends entirely on the specific lotto site. The number of lotto tickets each player can buy online can be limited but the amount is usually quite high.

Checking the Results of the Lotto Draws

Checking what the results of New Zealand’s various lotto draws is made simple and convenient when using an online device. This means players do not need to rush home to catch the live draw on telly. The top Online lotto sites upload the results almost immediately after the draw has taken place. Players can view the results by visiting the site directly in the web browser or if using an application that was downloaded onto a mobile device they can check the results through the app. Some of the top sites offer a free subscription service where the results are sent by text message or email directly to the subscribers. The following day, after all the details are verified, players can view information related to the draw. This includes the number of winners in each specific division, what prize each division won and if any players won the jackpot prize or not. If there are no jackpot winners the amount rolls over to the next week, this is done only for a limited number of times if the jackpot is not won consecutively. This however is a very rare occurrence. The next estimated jackpot prize will also be displayed.

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