NZ Top Online Lottery provides a list of thoroughly reviewed online lottery sites. These sites are rated the best as they offer superior service in a protected environment. Since playing the lottery online involves real money transactions it is important to know the site offers high quality security, 24 hour customer support and convenient banking options that are suitable for all transactions. An important aspect in recommending the best sites is that they guarantee legitimate lottery games and tickets.

Playing online lottery is a convenient platform as players can use all forms of online devices and mobile devices to play, deposit funds, buy tickets and check the winning numbers. Players can find information on the history of the New Zealand lottery, the odds, laws and regulations, details of previous draws and jackpots that have been won. An additional benefit of playing the lottery online is that mobile devices can be used allowing players to purchase tickets and check results at any time no matter where they are.

Playing New Zealand Lotteries Online

The New Zealand lottery game is quite simple to play. Players choose six numbers out of forty and wait to see if any of them match the selection of drawn numbers. A bonus ball can be selected to increase the possible winning divisions. Lotto Strike and Powerball are two bonus additions that can be played in conjunction with the main lottery game. provides all information on how to play the various lottery games and what number of matches the winning divisions require.

Online lottery ticket sales close quite soon before each draw and re open shortly after. The exact times vary depending on the specific online site. Selling lottery tickets online is beneficial for players who are wishing to buy tickets for a neighbouring state, also international players can enter the New Zealand lottery by buying tickets online. Tickets can be bought for the weekly lotto, Big Wednesday, Keno, Bullseye, Play 3, Lotto Strike and Powerball. The number of online lottery tickets one player can buy may be limited depending on the site but usually it is limited to a high number.

Checking New Zealand Lottery Results Online

Some of the best online sites that have been recommended by offer a free text message or email service. Players need to subscribe to receive all the lottery results and relevant information. New Zealand lottery results are sent weekly and the keno results are sent every day from Monday to Friday. Players who do not wish to subscribe to this service can check the winning lottery numbers directly at the Online lottery site. These results are displayed almost immediately after the live draw and both desktop computers and various mobile devices can be used to access the results for convenience. The day after the winning numbers are drawn, players can see how many winners there were per division, what the winning prize for each division was and whether the jackpot prize was won or not. If not the jackpot can roll over to the following week but this can only happen for a limited amount of times in a row. The online lottery sites will reveal all pertinent information regarding the next lottery draw and what the estimated jackpot prizes will be.

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