Mobile Lotto New Zealand

New Zealand’s online lottery is such a vast industry that players could find themselves playing at unsavoury sites. This is why it is important to know that when playing mobile lotto New Zealand games, players use only the best places. has thoroughly reviewed the safest mobile sites for players to take part in all of New Zealand’s best lottery games in a protected environment. A comprehensive list of the top rated mobile lotto sites is available to suit all the needs of kiwi lotto fans. The best mobile lotto New Zealand sites offer the most convenient methods to do all sorts of money transactions from depositing funds, buying lottery tickets and claiming any winning prizes.

Playing New Zealand Lotto on Mobile

The best thing about using the mobile device as a platform in which to take part in the Mobile lotto New Zealand draw is the incredible convenience it brings. Tickets can be bought no matter where players are right up until the closing time of the entries. provides all information needed to play as well as where to play safely. Mobile technology has allowed software developers to produce certain lottery games like keno and the instant kiwi scratch cards with fun themes and interactive play.

With applications leading the way for mobile technology they are being developed at a rapid pace and make using the mobile a faster and smoother process. The mobile lotto New Zealand applications that are available can be downloaded easily. For those not wishing to download, there are mobile lotto sites that can be accessed directly from the web browser. Checking the lotto results is incredibly convenient on the mobile device and the results are released right after the draw takes place so there is no need to wait.

How to Win the Mobile New Zealand Lotto

Players need to select six numbers out of forty and an optional bonus ball after the initial six are chosen. This bonus ball allows players three additional possible winning prizes.  At least three of the main numbers need to match the draw as well as the bonus ball in order to win the minimum prize. The division one prize which is the jackpot prize and is won when all six numbers and the bonus ball selected match the drawn numbers. The selection of numbers that the player enters the draw with can be chosen by the player themselves or a computer generator can randomly select the numbers. The bonus balls are not compulsory to play but they do add greater odds and better prizes.

The New Zealand Lotto’s Winning Divisions provides all information about winning the lotto. There are six different divisions that can win in the main mobile lotto New Zealand game. The first division being the biggest jackpot requires all six numbers to match and the bonus ball. The second and third divisions require five matches and a bonus ball in the second. The fourth division is four matching numbers and a bonus ball and the fifth division requires only four matches. The sixth division is the minimum requirement where the player needs only three matching numbers and the bonus ball.

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