Playing New Zealand Lotteries

New Zealand is a country actively involved in lotteries, and there are various lotteries to choose from. All the best information on lotteries in New Zealand can be found right here.

Lotto and Powerball

The standard New Zealand lotto and the additional Powerball lotto are among the most widespread and largest of the New Zealand lotteries. The original lotto game night was on Saturdays, but this has since expanded to include Wednesdays as well. Players can choose to simply play the lotto, but if they want to play the Powerball, then they must first play the lotto as well. Information on all the rules and regulations of how to play New Zealand lotteries is available online via

The aim of the New Zealand lotteries is to match the numbers of one’s play slip with the winning numbers of the lotto draw. Numbers can be selected manually, in which players may choose which numbers they want to play, though here they will have to play at least four lines. They may also choose to access the ‘Dips’ function, where a random number generator will throw out numbers and select these on behalf of the player.

To play regular lotto, players will need to choose six main lotto numbers and one bonus number from between numbers one and forty. If they wish to add the Powerball, then they have to choose an additional Powerball number from numbers one to ten.

In order to stand a chance of winning, at least three lotto numbers plus the bonus number have to match. If all six numbers match, a jackpot will be hit.

Adding Strike

The New Zealand lotteries allows players to add Strike to their lotto tickets. Further details and information on how to do this is available via, making sure that New Zealand players always have the best information available. The aim of playing Strike is to pick the first four lotto numbers in the right order. To play Strike, players will have to pick four numbers between one and forty and add the sequence in which they think these numbers will be drawn. The more correct the order picked, the larger the wins.

Further New Zealand Lotteries

There are many more New Zealand lotteries and games available, and players can access all of the information on these games, how to play them, and where to best play them, via

Some of the other New Zealand lotteries and games include Keno, which is played up to four times a day, and Bullseye, in which players have to choose one lucky six digit number between 000,000 and 999,999. The closer their number is to the number drawn, that is, the closer they are to having reached the number bullseye, the more they can win. Bullseye is drawn once a day.

Players in New Zealand may also choose to play ‘Play 3’, in which players simply have to pick a three digit number, a certain play type, and the number of draws to be played. If the number chosen matches the one drawn, they will be winners. The play type lets players decide how they want the three digit number to match the drawn number, and there are different odds and prizes for each play type.

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