Best Mobile Lottery Sites

There is a vast amount of online sites that allow players to take part in New Zealand’s various lotteries but not all of them offer premium service and top-notch security, so has listed the top rated sites to make the search simple. These sites have been comprehensively reviewed to ensure Mobile lottery players take part in a safe environment. The selection of lottery games available for mobile players to enjoy range from the weekly lotto, Powerball, Strike Back, Big Wednesday, Bullseye, keno and kiwi instant scratch cards.

Using a mobile device offers convenience to buying tickets and checking the results which can be done while on the go or without having to leave home. Software developers have developed applications that can be downloaded for a simple, smooth and safe Mobile lottery experience.

How to Win New Zealand’s Lottery provides all information on how to play the various games, what the winning divisions are and where the best online places to check the results of New Zealand’s Mobile lottery games. There are various lottery games that are available for mobile players but to follow the national lottery players need to know the basics of how the game works.

The New Zealand lottery is played with players choosing six numbers out of forty. A bonus ball may be chosen too which allows players the chance to win extra divisions. A random number generator then draws six numbers and an extra one is drawn for the bonus ball from a separate batch of numbers. Prizes are then won depending on any matching numbers and if they fall into a specific division. Players can select the numbers themselves or the Mobile lottery site will use a random computer generator that will make a selection for them.

Checking the Lottery Results on Mobile

The top Mobile lottery sites that have been recommended by provide easy access to all the results from the draws. Mobile applications also allow players to check the results immediately. Right after the live draw the winning lottery numbers will be uploaded to the page. Many of the best Mobile lottery sites allow players to subscribe to a text message and email service where the results will be sent directly to the subscribers. The following day, after all the results have been verified, the New Zealand lottery results page will display the amount of winners for each division, what the amount of the prize is for each division and whether the jackpot was won. The site will also inform players about the details of the following lottery and what the estimated jackpot prize will be.

New Zealand’s Mobile Lottery Prize Divisions

The winning prizes are divided into six different divisions. Division one is the biggest prize that wins the lottery jackpot, all six selected numbers and the bonus ball need to match the drawn numbers. Division two consists of five matches and the bonus ball. The third division consists of only five matching numbers. Divisions four and five require four matching numbers and the bonus ball in the fourth division. The sixth division wins with three matching numbers and a bonus ball.

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