Playing Mobile Free Lotto

Players in New Zealand can access a wealth of national lotteries and additional lotto games, but they may also choose to access online lotteries that enable them to play for free. The concept of the free lotto is often misunderstood and players can be very sceptical about this, but at, we clear up all of these doubts, give players all the information they need to know, and direct them to the best online sites to play free lotto.

Opening an Account

In order to play free lotto, interested players will have to sign up to a free lotto website. As there are real prizes to be won, ensuring player’s safety and eligibility is of the utmost importance. At, we will only direct players to websites they can trust.

Most free lotto gaming sites will require simple information such as name, postal address, and a valid e-mail address. This will enable the free lotto site to verify the user identity and eligibility, which may also be read up on within the terms and conditions as well as rules and regulations of the free lotto website. Also, this information is necessary to deliver any prizes and postal cheques.

How is It Free?

Since there is no payment involved in playing free lotto games, players often misunderstand how free lotto games can exist and banish these as hoaxes. Though various free lotto sites may function on different principles, most of the larger and reputable free lotto websites operate on the concept of advertising. They will offer sponsored advertising during game play and will send advertising via e-mail, which allows them to make prizes and jackpots available to their players. Many free lotto sites may also offer optional subscription services that help support the free games.

Variety of Mobile Free Lotto Game

There are various free lotto games available, and information on all of these, as well as how and where to play them, is made available on the website, offering a one-stop portal for all things regarding free lotto play.

Most free lotto sites offer daily draws, and some of the lotteries and free lotto games available include features along the lines of a daily jackpot, a win a car competition, a paying off one’s mortgage competition, which mostly just offers cash prizes, a fast cash lotto, usually with a much smaller amount to be won than the daily jackpot, and various cash give away games and free lotto features. The cash value of the prize offers vary immensely, and players can stand the chance of winning anything from the value of ten thousand dollars to one million dollars.

Accessing Free Lotto Games

Most of the free lotto games are sweepstake games and they can be accessed from anywhere in the world. At, players will be re-directed to online sites offering the best free lotto games for players in New Zealand. These will ensure the safety and privacy of players, and offer the best playing experience. Players will have to follow the guidelines of the free lotto website.

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