Free Lotto Games NZ

There is a certain amount of uncertainty when it comes to free lotto games, but here at, we strive to make sure that our players get the best information on free lotto games, how to play them, and where to play them, both in New Zealand and the world over.

Safety of Free Lotto Games

We at can give our players certain guidelines to ensure their safety when it comes to free lotto games, and we will only recommend the best websites to play on.

Scams in free lotto games are not unheard of, but there are a few simple measures to ensure the free lotto games site is legitimate.

For instance, interested players should be wary of those free lotto games providers that ask for credit card details, other financial details, or detailed personal information beyond the standard name, postal address, and e-mail address. Since these games are played for free, there should be no request for credit card or other financial information, and free lotto game providers should usually only require a name and e-mail address for verification and a postal address to send prizes. They may differ slightly from site to site, but, in general, players should not be required to enter any detailed or highly personal or confidential information. Also, remember that registration for free lotto games websites should be free, and players should not be asked to pay to join the site.

Another thing to look out for is the duration for which the free lotto games provider has been in operation for. Scam artists are rarely in operation for extended periods of time. Thus, choosing a free lotto games site that has been in existence for at least a year is generally a safe way to go. Nonetheless, we at recommend double-checking the websites in use regularly, as any takeovers or change in management may change the operations of the website.

Types of Free Lotto Games

There a various free lotto games available, and players can visit to find out more information on all different types of games and how to play them.

Most free lotto games are either traditional lotto games or various other sweepstake games. They come in an array of different forms, offering prizes daily or even a few times a day. Some focus on cash prizes while others focus on material items, such as cars. In the cash prizes, there is also an immense difference in the amount available, and this can be anything from a few thousand in an instant cash prize or a million in a lotto jackpot draw.

How Free Lotto Game Sites Operate

In order to offer free lotto games and lucrative prizes, free lotto game providers need to finance their business in some way. Since no ticket prices are set, most of the legitimate free lotto game providers earn money through sponsored advertising. This will appear during game play or be sent out via regular e-mail communication, or appear as banners on the site itself. Some free lotto game sites offer a paid-for subscription where these ads will be removed for the player, but this is not always the case.

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