Mobile Euro Millions Lottery

The Euro Millions Lottery is a European lottery that takes place twice a week on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Most lotteries are national and limited to citizens of that respective country, but the Euro Millions lottery expands over various countries within the European Union, creating a huge combined jackpot. This jackpot does have the feature of being able to rollover to the next draw if no winner is found, and this rollover may even continue repeatedly to create massive jackpot wins of up to 190 million Euro. At, we will share all necessary information on the Euro Millions Lottery and how it may be played by interested players in New Zealand.

The History of the Euro Millions Lottery

The Euro Millions Lottery was first started in 1994 and the idea came from the time when the Euro was first planned to be introduced to the European Union, with the aim of creating a lottery to unite all the countries using the Euro as their currency. Due to bureaucracy and political issues, however, the Euro Millions Lottery only came to fruition about ten years later, and the first draw took place in 2004.

How to Access the Euro Millions Lottery

Playing the Euro Millions Lottery is simple to do in Europe, but interested players can also play online from anywhere in the world. At, we share the best sites and concierge services of where players located in New Zealand can access the Euro Millions Lottery and try their luck. The Euro Millions Lottery can be played online through the official website within the browser, but, alternatively, players can also choose to download the Euro Millions Lottery app and then play the lottery from their smart phone or tablet devices. provides links and details of how to do this.

Playing the Euro Millions Lottery

Like in most lotteries, the Euro Millions Lottery operates by players choosing various numbers. Players will have to choose five numbers that lie between one and fifty, in addition to two Lucky Stars numbers that lie between one and eleven.

If players do not wish to select their own numbers and leave it completely up to chance, they can choose to access the ‘Random’ feature or the ‘Random Number Generator’ when purchasing their tickets. This feature will automatically choose a set of numbers on behalf of the player.

When playing the Euro Millions Lottery online, players will have to complete the Euro Millions Lottery play slip with the numbers they wish to play and how many draws they would like to play in. Discounts will apply if numerous draws are selected. Players can purchase up to fifty two draws in advance, but will not be able to enter a future draw without entering the preceding ones as well. Once the number and draw selections have been made, players will have to click on the ‘Play’ button, and then enter their details to complete the registration process of the online playing site and pay for the Euro Millions Lottery tickets.



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