The Euro Jackpot Lottery

The Euro Jackpot Lottery, first launched in 2012, is a lottery service that may be played all over Europe and the world, and will tell interested players how to play from New Zealand. The draw takes place once a week on a Friday night in Helsinki. Unlike standard national lotteries, and similar to the Euro Millions Lottery, the Euro Jackpot Lottery allows various countries to participate, with a total of sixteen countries actually participating, which greatly enlarges the pool and possible jackpot winnings. Some of the countries that participate in the Euro Jackpot Lottery are Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, and Italia, as well as more Eastern countries such as Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary.

The Euro Jackpot Lottery also facilitates a rollover feature, allowing jackpots to continually grow until someone wins. Since the lottery expands over various countries which do not all use the Euro as their currency, prize breakdowns and ticket prices are listed in multiple currencies, details of which can be accessed via

Playing the Euro Jackpot Lottery

If in European participating countries, players can choose to buy lottery tickets at any relevant physical retailer by simply filling out a play slip and choosing the numbers they wish to play, paying for them, and then receiving their lottery ticket.

However, players residing in New Zealand may also play and buy their tickets online. provides interested players with all the best places to do so. Online play enables players to buy tickets through a trusted lottery concierge service, and they do not even have to be present in the countries participating at the time. Playing online is simple to do.

In order to purchase Euro Jackpot Lottery tickets online, interested players will have to sign up and create an account with a relevant concierge service. They can then move on to buy their tickets by choosing the numbers they wish to play, which, for the main numbers, are any five numbers between one and fifty. If, however, they do not wish to choose their numbers themselves, they can leave this up to chance and a random number generator by clicking on the ‘Quick Pick’ option.

After purchasing the tickets through the online service, players will receive an e-mail confirmation of their purchase. The concierge service will then buy the actual tickets on behalf of players and send a copy of the tickets to the relevant player accounts.

The Winnings

The Euro Jackpot Lottery is one of the largest lottery games in the world and the minimum jackpot is set at ten million Euros. The top jackpot will roll over continuously until it is won, but it reaches a cap at ninety million Euros. In order to win the jackpot, players have to have matched all five main numbers in addition to the two additional Euro numbers. However, there are also prizes available for matching fewer numbers.

After the draw, winning prizes and prize breakdowns are listed online, and players can turn to their concierge services to find out if they are winners. makes all of this information easily accessible to players in New Zealand.

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