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The internet has a vast selection of sites for kiwis to play lotto games and so on but with the whole process involving spending money when playing or possibly winning money when results prove profitable with the Mobile lotto check, players don’t want to be caught in a scam so it is vital to use only the best sites. provides a list of all the best sites to use when playing the lotto on a mobile device and checking the results of the draws. These sites offer premium services and comprehensive information on all aspects of the New Zealand lottery.

Mobile Applications for Lotto Results

With the convenience and innovative technology mobile devices offer, applications are the way forward. There are plenty of Mobile lotto check applications available to download on the leading mobile devices. Store bought lottery tickets can be checked through these applications as well as the results of online tickets. For those not wishing to download an application, they can use their web browser to see the results directly at the Mobile lotto check site.

Checking the New Zealand Lotto Results provides information on how to go about checking the results on a mobile device but the top recommended sites make the process rather simple. New Zealand has a variety of different lottery games and many prize divisions. Busy lifestyles don’t always allow people to get to the telly to catch the live draws of the national lottery so the fact that the Mobile lotto check allows players to check the results on their mobile devices is incredibly convenient. The results of the New Zealand lottery are available to view almost immediately after the draws take place so players don’t need to wait in suspense. Many of the top mobile sites allow players to subscribe to a text message or email service where the results of the draw will be sent directly to the players almost immediately after the draw. To see how many matching numbers are needed for each winning division offers detailed information about what is required.

Additional Information about the New Zealand Lottery

The Mobile lotto check provides lottery players with not only the results but additional information regarding the lottery can be found on the New Zealand lotto results page. The day after the draws, once all information has been verified, players can see the value of the division prizes, the number of winners in the various divisions and whether the jackpot prize was won at all. The New Zealand lotto results page will provide all information about the latest draw, any information about the next draw that will take place and what the estimated jackpot amount is sitting on.

Claiming New Zealand Lottery Prizes

If the Mobile lotto check has produced matching numbers that fall into a winning division, online players can expect their NZ$ prizes to be deposited into their accounts on the lotto site if the amount falls under a certain limit. Large prizes may need to be claimed from the New Zealand Lotteries Commission. Winning amounts are tax-free.

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