Mobile Caribbean Super Lotto

The Caribbean Super Lotto is a lottery that is played in various countries and islands belonging to the Caribbean archipelago. Some of the countries the Caribbean Super Lotto is played in include Jamaica, Barbados, St. Maarten, Anguilla, St Kitts and Nevis, Bermuda, the US Virgin Islands, as well as Paraguay. It combines various official and national lotto authorities, such as the Barbados Lottery, the Caribbean Lottery, Ganemax, and Supreme Ventures. offers lotto players in New Zealand all of the need-to-know information about the Caribbean Super Lotto.

The Caribbean Super Lotto is an accumulative lotto game, and it is played twice a week in all of the relevant countries, reaching approximately nineteen million people.

How to Play the Caribbean Super Lotto

To play Caribbean Super Lotto within the participating countries, interested players need to visit authorised lotto retailers and pick up a Super Lotto play slip. Each play slip will contain three playing boards, indicated as ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’. This gives players three plays, that is, one play per play board, per play slip. Each playing board contains two sets of numbers ranging from one to thirty five.

Players will need to choose five numbers from the first set of numbers on the left side of the panel on the play slip, and then choose one additional number from the set of ten numbers on the right side of the panel on the play slip, marking the Super Ball feature.

To make a selection of numbers, players will need to place a vertical mark through the chosen numbers. Alternatively, players may also check the ‘Quick Pick’ box, and then randomly generated numbers will be chosen by the lotto system on behalf of the player.

Playing the Caribbean Super Lotto as above will result in one draw. To play additional draws, players simply need to mark the ‘Multi Draw’ box.

Once the number selections have been verified, the Caribbean Super Lotto ticket is printed and must be kept safe in case any winnings are made.

If players are unsure of how to play Caribbean Super Lotto or need any more information regarding play, they can visit Here, players in New Zealand, and anywhere in the world, can gain more information on how to play the Caribbean Super Lotto and be pointed to the best authorised websites that offer online demonstrations and further details.

Winnings of the Mobile Caribbean Super Lotto

The Caribbean Super Lotto boasts large jackpots, with a minimum jackpot of US $ 1.5 million. Since the lotto is played in various countries, jackpots are converted to local currencies for each country. Information on this is available through the official Caribbean Super Lotto website, and players visiting will easily be redirected to any information they may require.

The Caribbean Super Lotto is drawn twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. The winning lotto numbers, as well as the winning Super Ball number and a history of previous results, will be displayed online. These can be printed for record-keeping and need to be kept together with the winning play slip in order to collect any winnings.


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